flux of words….

As James Taylor says in his song,

‘the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time’. If you’re doing something you love to do, you’re going to enjoy the passage of time.”

I have  settled into a landscape that i love,
at the moment creating while knitting,again.. what i do once the weather changes
into Autumn.
Knitting reflect my joy of colors and feel of textures.
I try to conduct my daily life in a way which satisfies and enriches me. ,
I really feel one of the most important fundamental things is to try to find where your passion lies, what you love doing because I think it’s sort of the secret of life.

i often remind my children that choosing that path is not always an easy process.
the one thing you are going to do is spend a good portion of your life once you are out of school doing something… earning a living,having a path, a thing that you  have chosen to do,, a way you have chosen to spend what could be a third of your life…

So… for me it is important that both the fun and the typical aspect of my work day is appealing.. this includes my *me* time. Find the time to enjoy the mundane, as well as the sublime in your chosen profession..:)

my little flux of words to day… and a reminder to self that Autumn is the perfect time to gather up the fruits of your labour, toast yourself  for the projects you have created, ponder the ones which are still in progress.
Autumn is a season of reflection, of celebration and of taking a much needed break as well.


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